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Social links
a continuacion se explican todas las soluciones ubicaciones y respuestas de los S. links de P3 empezemos

amigos de la escuela
Bebe - Transfer Student - Temperance
Chihiro Fushimi - Treasurer - Justice
Fuuka Yamagishi - Fuuka Yamagishi - Priestess
Hidetoshi Odagiri - School Council - Emperor
Kazushi Miyamoto - Kendo/Swim/Track Team - Chariot
Keisuke Hiraga - Art/Music/Photography Club - Fortune
Kenji Tomochika - Classmate - Magician
Mitsuru Kirijo - Mitsuru Kirijo - Empress
Nozomi Suemitsu - Gourmet King - Moon
Yukari Takeba - Yukari Takeba - Lovers
Yuko Nishiwake - Team Manager - Strength
TIP: cuando un amigo de la escuela te pasa buscando en la hora del receso o Lunchtime
esto significa que si sales hoy con el o vas al club aumentara de nivel es un 100%

amigos fuera de la escuela
Akinari Kamiki - Dying Young Man - Sun
Bunchiki and Mitsuko - Old Couple ("Books") - Hierophant
Maiko - Girl at Shrine - Hanged Man
Mamoru Hayase - Star Athlete - Star
Mutatsu - Unusual Monk - Tower
President Tanaka - Businessman - Devil

* Magician (Classmate)
* Empress (Mitsuru)
* Hierophant (Old Couple)
* Justice (Treasurer)
* Hanged Man (Girl at the Shrine)
* Devil (Businessman)
* Star (Rival Athlete)
* Sun (Dying Young Man)
* Moon (Gourmet King)

tipos de S link

se muestra a continuacion un esquema donde se muestra el tipo de la S. link con quien se hace y que responder en cada nivel ya que si se hace algo malo cancelas una salida o sales con una chica teniendo ya novia la S. link se puede colocar como:

reversed: es cuando un amigo esta molesto contigo porque dijiste algo indevido o cancelaste una salida con el

broken:es cuando teniendo una novia (se considera novia a una chica con el S. link nivel 5) sales con otra

pero tranquilo estos estado se pueden arreglar pero perderas mucho tiempo en recuperarlo

Fool - SEES
persona definita: Susano-o

lugar: N/A
Reversed lugar: N/A
disponible: automatico

contacto escolar: N/A
item entregado: N/A

Magician – Classmate
persona definitiva: Surt
lugar: Classroom 2-F
Reversed lugar: Gekkoukan High Main Lobby
disponible: Tue, Thu, Fri
contacto escolar: si
Item entregado: Handsome Choker
1: automaticamente adquirido el 22 de abril
2: "So, can you, like, go into Yukari's room and stuff?"
- "No." o "That's a secret."
- "When it comes to women I like them older than me. What about you?"
- "I like older women." o "I like them all."
3: "Tch! Dude, I'm so sick of this..."
- "What, life?"
- "Well, Main Character, that settles it. I'm gonna get myself a girlfriend."
- "Go for it."
4: "Hey, thanks for coming man. Can you wait here for a sec?"
- "Sure." o "Whatever."
- "I'm gonna go ask Ms. Kanou out right now!"
- "Good luck."
5: "Yeah, good-looking people are just attracted to one another. It's like
they're meant to be together."
- "I agree."
6: "Sorry man, I'll have to pass."
- "Huh?" o "Why?"
- "I mean getting into college is more important than hanging out, right?
Don't you think about the future?"
- "I have 30-year goals."
7: "*Sigh* I can't eat."
- "Ask what's wrong."
-- "I saw a magazine on Emiri's coffee table. Guess what it was called..."
- "Bride-to-Be Magazine."
- "So whaddaya think, Main Character?"
- "That's great. Congrats!"
8: "H-Hey, man... S-Sorry I asked you to come here... I, um... Oh never mind."
- "Are you in trouble?"
- "Emiri is being transferred to a school in Kyushu... Wh-What should I do,
- "You should talk to her."
9: >What will you do?
- Confront Emiri
Sunday/Holiday (respuestas en salidas)
*: "Not bad... not bad at all. But, there are some things you could do to look
- "Like what?"
*: "Well, whaddaya think? Isn't that a great plan?"
- "Think of somwething else."
*: "D-Don't laugh okay...? But, uh, I wanted to know if, um... If you've ever
kissed a girl before..."
- "Only since I was 13!"
*: "She must be afraid of catching it from me... But, it's not contagious is
- "No, it's not."
*: "That was the last beef bowl I'm ever gonna eat!"
- "Why?"
*: "Do you think I can make her happy?"
- "Just do your best."
*: Maybe that's what I have..."
- "Don't worry so much."
*: "Can you just forget about it?"
- "Sure."

Priestess - Fuuka Yamagishi
persona definitiva: Scathach
lugar: 2nd floor hallway near bathrooms
Reversed lugar: 1st floor near Culture Club
disponible: Monday, Friday, Saturday
contacto escolar: si
Item Given: cooking book
Prerequisitos: primero debes de tener tu corage al nivel 6 maximo y estara disponible solo despues del viaje a yakushima
1: automaticamente adquirido.
2: "Maybe I should give him some food. What do you think 'Main Character'?"
- "Sure!"
3: "Everything I make still tastes terrible..."
- "I believe in you."
-- "But, there probably aren't any in the library..."
- "Go to the bookstore."
4: "*sigh* I just wish I was good at something."
- "I'm sure there's something." or "Well, you have a Persona."
-- "Not to mention I'm kind of embarrassed by it all. I mean, it's not a very
feminine hobby."
- "Oh, I don't think so."
5: "W-well, h-how does it taste?"
- "You did a great job."
-- "You've taught me so much, 'Main Character'. Thank you for everything..."
- "I'm glad I could help."
6: "Just for a little while?"
- "Okay."
7: "That it's been a while since I've been in a bookstore."
- "We were just in one."
-- "I guess what I'm trying to say is..."
- "You don't have to say it."
8: "Why are you always so positive, 'Main Character'?"
- "I've never thought about it."
-- "I want to be with you, Main Character."
- "I want to be with you too."
9: "I was so happy to hear that that I started to cry."
- "That's great." o "Ahaha! That's funny."
-- "You feel the same...?"
- Hug her
Sunday/Holiday (respuestas en salidas)
*: "Do you prefer watching movies at the theater or at home on DVD?"
- "At home on DVD."
*: "What do you usually do on your days off?"
- "Spend time with friends."
*: "Would you want me to cook something with powedered habu venom in it, 'Main
- "Nah, that sounds gross."
*: "Have you filleted a fish before?"
- "Yeah, I'm not too bad."
*: "So, do you tink there's anyway to connect music to cooking?"
- "Yeah, I think so."
*: "You've been awfully friendly with the girls around here lately, haven't
- "N-no I haven't."

Reverse S. Link
*: "What will you do?"
- >Wait until she apologizes or >Talk about school
*: "If you don't have feelings for me anymore,then..."
- "It's a misunderstanding."
Broken S. Link
*: "Yes, what is it?"
- "I want to be with you."
-- "Then how do you explain what you did in the past?"
- "I won't hurt you again."
-- "Who am I to you?"
- "Someone I can hang with."
regalos perfectos para ella
* Brand Bag (Fashion)
* Glass Vase (Flowers)

Empress - Mitsuru Kirijo
persona definitiva: Alilat
lugar: Across from Library in school.
Reversed lugar: 1st floor Lobby by the Notice Board
disponible: Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday
contacto escolar: si
item entregado: notes
Prerequisitos: primero debes de tener tus academics a nivel 6 maximo y estara disponible despues del Kyoto class trip. la encontraras cerca de la falcuty office
1: automaticamente adquirido
2: > Mitsuru seems nervous.
- "Is this your first time?"
3: > Mitsuru seems dejected.
- > Ask her to treat you.
-- "Perhaps he's just maturing."
- "Does that make you happy?"
-- "I can't explain why, though..."
- "Maybe you're in love." or "Maybe you're anxious." or "Maybe you're sad."
-- "Sorry for subjecting you to my incoherent ramblings...please forget what I
just said."
- > Agree to forget about it.
4: "Soon we'll be looking back nostalgically on these times."
- "Did something happen?"
-- "What are your thoughts on marriage?"
- "It's the result of love."
-- "Do you disagree?"
- "Do you have a boyfriend?" or "That's a tough one."
5: "I find it interesting that so much thought is put into the design and
construction of a movie theater."
- "I'm glad you enjoyed it."
-- "She's also more suited to ride a motorcycle..."
- "A motorcycle?"
-- > Mitsuru seems happy.
- "Let's go for a ride."
6: > Mitsuru is looking at the bookshelf.
- "Can I get a book for you?"
-- "It's the best solution for everyone involved."
- "That's news to me!"
-- "So I won't run from my destiny."
- "You have to reconsider."
7: "Or is that being selfish?"
- "Let's do it!"
8: "Somewhere far away, where no one knows who you are?"
- "Yes." o "No."
-- "...Hypothetically?"
- "No, I don't think so." or "Yes, definitely."
-- > Mitsuru is trembling with anger.
- > Say something to the guy.
-- > Mitsuru is leaving...what will you do?
- > Stop her.
9: "I'm so sorry about what happened the other day."
- "That makes me happy."

Sunday/Holiday (respuestas en salidas)

*: "How much does a game like that cost?"
- "You have a motorcycle."
*: "Are you in a hurry to go home?"
- "...Why?"
*: "Would you mind telling me who your favorite musical artist is?"
- "Why?"
*: "To be honest, I don't know what I'm doing...What is it that I'm feeling
for you?"
- "Don't worry about it."
*: "Since manga aren't that expensive, who don't people just buy them?"
- "Lack of storage space."
*: "Are you interested in anyone?"
- "Yeah, you."
*: "'Main Character'..."
- "Did you say my first name?

Reverse S. Link

*: > What will you do?
- > Apologize to her.
*: "Have you been feeling the same?"
- "Yes."
Broken S. Link
*: "What do you want?
- "You should take a break."
-- "Well, I'm sorry, but I'm busy right now."
- "Where do you want to go?"
-- "Let me think..."
- "Take your time."
regalos prefectos para ella
* Japanese Doll (Antique)
* Google Eyed Idol (Antique)

Emperor - Student Council
persona definitiva: Odin
lugar: Student Council Room
Reversed lugar:
disponible: Monday, Wednesday, Friday
contacto escolar: Yes
item entregado: Cheap Lighter
Prerequisitos: el 27 de abril Mitsuru te pedira que te unas al School Council. asi que hazlo y obtendras la S. Link.
1: automaticamente adquirido despues de unirte a el student council.
2: "Some feel the school uniform should be abolished, and they're gaining
- "It's a waste of time."
3: > He is staring at Hidetoshi.
- "What happened here?"
4: > It looks like the punk is going to hit Hidetoshi.
- > Intervene.
-- "You look like you want to say something?"
- "Good work."
5: "'Main-Character'-kun, were you there the whole time?
- "They can be pretty cruel."
6: "It's kind of nice not having those hyenas around."
- "You're not going home yet."
-- "... As you can see, the meetings over, so you can leave if you want."
- "But I just got here..."
7: "... About the smoker's punishment, that is."
- "He should suffer."

8: "Um... what happened to Hidetoshi-san?"
- "Why, is something wrong?" or "What happened?"
-- > Hidetoshi looks uncomfortable.
- "It wasn't me."
9: "I rambled on about rules and fairness, but all I really did was prove that
I'm desperate for power."
- "Don't blame yourself." or "Good thing you noticed."

Hierophant - Old Couple
persona definitiva: Kohryu
lugar: Bookstore in Iwatodai Station
Reversed lugar: N/A
disponible: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday
contacto escolar: No
Item entregado: Persimmon Fruit
Prerequisitos: tienes que oir que la bookstore sera abierta el 4/25. dirigete hacia alla y te pediran el permision pass bueno dirigete al colegio y ve al arbol que esta el el pasillo hacia el GYM examinalo y obten el pase ve de nuevo a la bookstore y tendras la S. Link.
1: adquirido automaticamente cuando entregues la Persimmon Leaf.
2: "What was your name again?"
- > Tell him.
-- "Someone gave them to me, but I have more than enough. Go ahead, take one."
- "Thanks!"
-- "...Because it'll take forever to finish them all."
- > Accept the offer.
-- "He should be here helping customers. I'm sorry, 'MC'-chan."
- "There's no need to apologize."
3: > Mitsuko looks sad.
- "What are you talking about?"
-- "But, I can't seem to find it."
- "Looking for something?"
-- "I'm looking for my glasses... No, not my glasses - my wallet... I can't
seem to find it."
- "I'll help you look."
-- "I go to ze same school - Gekkoukan."
- "... Who are you?"
-- "But, zey call me 'Bebe'."
- "Nice to meet you."
-- "Why must you get into a car?! Do you want me to end up all alone?!"
- "What's so bad about a car?"
-- "On the way home from work he got into an accident... He was hit by a dump
truck driver who was drunk on the job."
- "I'm sorry to hear that."
4: "My wife just left for Gekkoukan."
- "Ill wait here for awhile."
-- > Mitsuko looks pale."
- > Ask what happened.
-- "Do you know anything about it, 'MC'-chan?"
- "Now, you have me worried."
5: "I'm sorry for troubling you about the Persimmon tree..."
- "I'll 'root' out the truth!"
-- "Why now? Why do they want to cut it down now?"
- "Cheer up." or "Don't worry."
6: "But, if that tree is removed, I feel like the memory of my son will vanish
with it..."
- "Please stop quarreling."
-- > Bunkichi and Mitsuko seem really depressed.
- "It'll be okay."
7: > Mitsuko is crying.
- > Ask why she is crying.
-- "They say the tree is a memorial to a former teacher... they don't want it
to be cut down."
- "That's great."
-- "'MC'-chan, were you the one that called them all?"
- "Nope." or "What are you talking about?"
8: "Who do you think it was? Here's a hint: Signature."
- "Someone with a petition." or "A die-hard Bunkichi fan."
-- "... And he's gotten lots of signatures from students who were in our son's
- "That's great." or "That's wonderful."
-- "I have to tell my son the good news."
- "Let's go."
9: "Am I finally losing it? I used to have an amazing vocabulary."
- "What's it about?"
-- "Well, aren't you curious?"
- "I'm dying to read it." or "I can't wait another minute."

Lovers - Yukari Takeba
persona definitiva: Cybele
lugar: Back of Your Classroom
Reversed lugar: 1st Floor Main Lobby
disponible: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday
contacto escolar: si
Item entregado: Yukari's Strap

Prerequisitos: primero debes de tener nivel 6 maximo de charm luego estara disponible despues del viaje a yakushima estara cerca de la falcuty office o en el salon de clases
1: Automatically gained.
2: "Hey I think I'm gonna go with gerberas, but which color should I get?"
- "Pink's cute."
-- "...Oh, you've never seen my room, have you? Well, what good are you?"
- "That's messed up."
3: "I guess my mom's no different."
- "What makes you say that?" or "..."
4: "Sorry."
- "Are you alright?"
5: >What will you do?
- >Look around. or >Wait here.
-- >What will you do?
- >Go look for her. or >Wait a little longer.
-- >What will you do?
- >Help her. or > Call for help. or > Just watch.
-- >Yukari is trembling. It doesn't seem like she really means what she's
- > Try to cheer her up.
6: "Thanks for your help back then. I really appreciate it."
- "Anytime."
7: "We could have lunch outdoors. Maybe we'll even see a deer or something.
Whaddya think?"
- "Sounds good."
8: "Hey, Main Character, how about you pick one for me?"
- "Alright."
-- "She wants to see me...but I'm really nervous..."
- "Can you forgive her?" or "Do you want to see her?"
9: >Yukari is quiet.
- "......"
Sunday/Holiday (respeustas a las salidas)

*: "Do YOU like strawberry rice cake with red beans?"
- "I love it."
*: "Is it weird for me to be worried about my parents at my age...?"
- "Leave the bags to me."
*: "Are you a saver, Main Character?"
- "Every month." or "I'm in debt."
*: "Not that I have anything special planned. I was just curious."
- "Meeting with friends."
*: "Hey, why don't we look for something for you, Main Character? How about a
wallet chain?"
- "Okay, but you choose."
*: " more than a normal girl, huh?"
- "It's a healthy appetite."
*: "But know one knows about us, huh..."
- "Some people do."

Repair S. Link
*: >What will you do?
- >Apologize seriously.
*: "Is it over between us...?"
- "No, it's not."

Broken S. Link
*: "...So, what's up?"
- "How have you been doing?"
-- "Is that all you wanted to know?"
- "Am I bothering you?"
-- "Not really. We are friends after all."
- "Please forgive me."

regalos perfectos para ella

Brand Bag (Fashion)
Brand Purse (Fashion)
Brand Watch (Fashion)
Perfume (Fashion)

Chariot - "School" Team
persona definitiva: Thor
lugar: Near windows in your classroom or enter the gym
Reversed lugar: Sports Club Team Practice
disponible: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday
contacto escolar: Yes
Item entregado: Sports Tape
Prerequisitos: los equipos de deporte estan reclutando en 4/23, escoje un equipo que te guste y unete
1: automatiamente adquirido
2: "M-my side is killing me..."
- "Toughen up."
-- "You don't even look tired...*pant* Wh-what kind of training have you been
- "The usual." or "Special training."
-- "Let's get go-ugh!"
- "What's wrong?" or "Hurry up."
3: " asthma's just acting up."
- "Are you sure you're ok?"
-- "Even if I put medicine on it, or massage it, the pain won't go away."
- "Will it heal?"
4: "Wh-what's up...? I was just gonna sneak into practice..."
- "Where did you go?" or "Did you ditch?"
-- "She made the appointment without telling me, so...there was nothing I
could do!"
- "That sucks."
5: "Wh-what's up...? You're probably wondering where I've been..."
- "The hospital again?"
-- "D-dammit...I can't--"
- >Let him use your shoulder.
6: "Well, I just want to win."
- "Suck it up."
-- "I promised to be the number one runner in Japan."
- "Is it that important?"
-- "So, I have to win this meet to make it to nationals."
- "What'll happen to your knee?"
7: "I'm not accusing you of telling him, but...damn! What should I do? I think
he knows..."
- "How's your knee?"
-- "Otherwise, I won't be able to keep my promise to my nephew!"
- "You need to toughen up."
8: "You must know something."
- >Look away.
9: "I'm sure you love lugging this dead weight around, right?"
- "I'm fine."

Sunday/Holiday (respuestas en salidas)

*: "I'm ready to go 24/7, ya know? It's called dedication, man."
- "That's crazy."
*: "I'm trying to cut down on carbs."
- "Are you on a diet?"
*: "I get even more nervous when I think about winning."
- "Winning isn't everything."
*: "...Anyway, sorry about that."
- "Why bother with them?"
*: "Any ideas?"
- "A game."
*: "...You know, with Apathy Syndrome."
- "You're worrying me."
*: "Man, I'm seriously confused. I'm not sure why I'm putting myself through
- "That's just who you are."
*: "Do you think I can win at regionals."
- "There's no way."
Repair S. Link
*: >What will you do?
- >Ask about his training.

Justice - Student Council Treasurer
persona definitiva: Melchizedek
lugar: Across from your homeroom doorway, near student council room.
Reversed lugar: First floor hallway cerca de las offices
disponible: Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday
contacto escolar: si
Item entregado: Manga
Prerequisitos: despues de unirte al Student Council y obtener la Emperor S. Link Chihiro estara cerca de la puerta hablale y responde lo siguiente:
1: "I wanted to talk..."
2: "I'm male."
3: "Hello."
4: "Let's walk home together."
2: "Sorry to subject you to this..."
- "Don't worry about it."
-- "... Do you read much, 'MC'-san?"
- "I read the classics." or "I read manga."
-- "Is it boring to hang out with, um, a nerd like me?"
- "Not really."
3: "Wh-where do they think they are?"
- "How rude."
-- "Let's discuss this in our next meeting!"
- "I agree."
4: "'MC'-san..."
- > Stand threateningly.
-- "Why am I still shaking?"
- > Speak to her calmly.
5: "(...What should I do...)"
- "So how was it?"
-- "I-I-I have dreams about you every single night, 'MC'-san!"
- "It's just a coincidence."
-- "Sorry..."
- "Don't be so hard on yourself."
-- > What will you do?
- > Hold her hand.
6: "Wh-what should I do?"
- "Is it good?"
-- "Until recently..."
- "What do you mean?"
7: "'MC'-san..."
- "You're not to blame
-- "I... I couldn't stand up to them... But... I... didn't take anything!"
- "We have to do something..."
8: "She has such an innocent face though..."
- > Say something to them. Or > Glare at them.
-- "I have no one else to turn to in school..."
- "Talk to the teacher."
9: "D-don't tell me the president thinks I stole the money too...?!"
- "Dont worry, she'll help us."
-- > You made eye contact with Chihiro.
- > Wait and see what happens.
-- "Give me a hand, will you, 'MC'?"
- "Why me?" or "Alright."
-- "Hahahaha..."
- "What's wrong?"
Sunday/Holiday (respuestas a las salidas)
*: "There's not much point in getting together if all we're going to do is
read, right?"
- "There's always next time."
*: "I-I was afraid I might see that guy from before..."
- "I'll help you again."
*: "Your coffee is going to get cold."
- "Do you want sugar?"
*: "I want to be like that too..."
- "You can do it."
*: "It's sad to think that there might be a thief in our school..."
- "There's no thief."
*: "I'm sorry... I wanted to handle this myself, but..."
- "I'd be glad to help."
*: "Are you planning to get a drivers license, 'MC'-san?"
- "I'm thinking about it."

Repair S. Link
*: > What will you do?
- > Talk about books.
*: "Are you annoyed with me too, 'MC'-san...?"
- "Of course not."
Broken S. Link
*: "Do you have something to say...? I... um... need to get going..."
- "Calm down."
*: "Sorry, sometimes I get a little carried away."
- "Don't worry about it."
*: "Sorry..."
- "Did I scare you?"
regalo perfecto para ella
Book Cover (Other)
Brand Bag (Fashion)
Brand Watch (Fashion)

Hermit - MMORPG
persona definitiva: Arahabaki
lugar: en tu cuarto y en Iwatodai Dorm
Reversed lugar: N/A
disponible: Sundays y holidays
contacto escolar: No
Item entregado: Screenshot Data
Prerequisitos: Junpei te entregara el disk y tu intalaras el juego Innocent Sin y obtendras la S. Link. disponible desde el 29 de abril
1: adquirido automaticamente
2: "u remember me rite? =/"
- "Of course."
-- "hmm... what kind of people r we, playing inside on such a beautiful day?"
- "The outdoors are overrated."
3: "So ummmmmm.... I'm drunk. XD"
- "Oh really? o_O"
-- "but lately I can't get ne work done @ work."
- "So you don't like your job."
4: "... ugh, it's like all she cares about is marrying me to some dude >=/"
- "Why don't we get married?"
5: "Mr. E is such a stupid eh so bee!! t(-_-)t"
- "Dont you mean S.O.B."
-- "... oh noes! You can't figure out what my job is can u? O_o"
- "You're a drunken boxing sensei?" or "Are you a teacher, right?"
6: "actually i only went cuz I was so pissed at that bastard. >=/"
- "Which bastard?"
7: "... do men only want younger women? be honest w/me =3"
- "Guys only go for younger chicks."
-- "she even stuffs her bra!! lol"
- "She um... what?"
8: "oh noes... now I'm starting to get all sweaty =/"
- "Hurry up and tell me already."
-- "Goin for younger guys is kinda new to me >_>"
- "What's he like?"
9: "it said they're cancelling innocent sin... think it's for real?"
- "No way!"
-- "tatsuya... do you think we'll still be able to see each other? T_T"
- "Don't worry about that now."
-- "Maya's not going quietly! =/ I'll beat them to the punch."
- "What are you planning?"

Fortune - School Club
persona definitiva: Norn
lugar: Second floor, near billboad or enter selected club room
Reversed lugar: afuera del School Club
disponible: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
contacto escolar: Yes
Item entregado: Award Letter
Prerequisitos: estaran disponibles los clubs el 17 de junio unete al que quieras
1: adquirido automaticamente cuando te unas al club.
2: > Fuuka is grimacing.
- "What's wrong." or "Need a break."
-- "Looks like Fuuka-san's not going anywhere for awhile?"
- "Is she okay?"
3: > What will you say to him?
- "Great job!"
-- "I recommend you add iron rich foods such as liver, whole grains and green
leafy vegetables to your diet."
- "Is he going to be okay?"
4: "H-How long were you listening?"
- "What about the contest?"
-- "Ugh, I can't take it anymore! I have my own hopes and dreams, you know!"
- "Complaining won't help."
5: "Th-That means..."
- "You should tell your dad."
6: "Everyone is working so hard..."
- "So are you."
-- "I don't know what I should do. *sigh* I'm so confused..."
- "Do whatever you want."
7: "It's like he thinks he understands me now."
- "Are you gonna be my doctor?"
8: "How is your memory? Can you tell me your name?"
- "Yeah, I'm fine."
-- "H-Hey, do you remember what I was talking about before this all happened?"
- "Yeah, I remember."
-- "I couldn't do anything to help you because I'm not a doctor..."
- "Don't worry about it."
9: > Will you try to stop Keisuke from going?
- > Try to stop him.
-- "A-Are you alright, ma'am? That cough..."
- "What's wrong with her?" or "You should get going."
-- "My train's about to leave... Wh-What should I do...?"
- "I'll handle this." or "Go find yourself."
-- > What kind of first aid will you perform?
- > Unbutton his shirt. or > Pat him on the back.
-- > What will you do next?
- > Splash water on him. or > Turn him onto his back.

Sunday/Holiday (respuestas en las salidas)
*: "Their rules are so annoying... We would never have beef bowls at home."
- "Let's eat here again."
*: "D-Do you think it's okay for me to be in the finals?"
- "You just did your best."
*: "Then my dad wouldn't be able to yell at me all the time."
- "You'd just be running away."
*: "What would I list as my occupation on a survey...?"
- "Celebrity."
*: "Then he tells me to study abroad! Ugh! I am so confused!"
- "Don't blame him."
*: "I mean, I won't just be visiting there. I will be living there..."
- "Think of your new art style."
*: "So... would... would you mind calling me... brother?"
- "Okay, brother."
*: "I think that a person should do the best he can with the life he's been
- "Yeah, I agree."
Repair S. Link
*: > What will you do?"
- > Wait for Keisuke to talk.

Strength - Team Manager
persona definitiva: Siegfried
Location: Second cerca de las escaleras

Reversed lugar: First floor hallway, near stairs.
disponible: Wednesday, Saturday
contacto escolar: si
Item entregado: Kid's Letter
Prerequisitos: estara disponible cuando llegues la S. link del equipo de deporte a un nivel 2 depues de esto veras a yuko en los lockers
1: cuando la veas escoge talk to her y la S. Link estara lista
2: "I'm mentally exhausted."
- "What happened?"
-- "Right, 'MC'-kun?"
- "I agree."
-- "My reputation as an 'intellectual' would be ruined. *blush*"
3: "Hey, 'MC'-kun, do you think I eat too much?"
- "Not really."
-- "You must love being around good looking girls like Mitsuru and Yukari..."
- "Not necessarily." or "You're much cuter Yuko."
-- "Oh shoot! It's already this late?"
- "Let's go."
4: > Yuko is standing by the shoe rack with a strange look on his face.
- "What's wrong?"
-- "It wouldn't be funny if I had gum all over my shoes."
- "Does this happen often?"
-- "I'm sorry, 'MC'-kun... I didn't mean to get you involved."
- "No worries."
-- "Are you mad?"
- "I'm honored."
5: "I'm not as tall as you, so I can't walk as fast..."
- > Hold her hand.
-- "Heeey!"
- "Do you know him?"
-- "Am I doing the right thing, 'MC'-kun?"
- "It's up to you."
6: "So, what's your honest opinion? Can they win?"
- "Let's hope for the best."
7: "Well, there they go..."
- "Are you relieved?"
-- "Maybe we should have a little party... You know, to celebrate our first
attempt at coaching..."
- "Sure."
8: "Do you like kids, 'MC'-kun?"
- "Yeah, I like them."
-- "Do you want it to be a boy or girl?"
- "A boy." or "A girl."
9: "C-Can we just forget about that?"
- "Forget about what?"
-- "Guess what I want to be?"
- "An instructor?"
Sunday/Holiday (respuestas en salidas)

*: "Which one do you like better, 'MC'?"
- "The one with the animals."
*: "What do you think? Am I ready?"
- "You're very responsible."
*: "I envy them, since I don't have anything I'm really passionate about..."
- "You'll find something."
*: "You still have some time right? What do you wanna do now?"
- "Go to the cafe."
*: "'MC', you have some sauce on your mouth."
- "Will you wipe it off?"
*: "I feel so motivated now!"
- "It's only the beginning."

Repair S. Link
*: > What will you do?
- > Talk about pro sports.
*: "What's been going on with you lately?"
- "What about you, Yuko?"
Broken S. Link
*: "Can it wait 'til practice?"
- "It's urgent."
*: "What'd you wanna talk about?"
- "About the two of us..."
*: "Are you sure this is a good place? You look miserable..."
- "I do not."
regalo perfecto para ella
Brand Bag (Fashion)
Brand Purse (Fashion)
Brand Watch (Fashion)

Hanged Man - Girl at the Shrine (niña en el templo)
persona definitiva: Attis
lugar: Naganaki Shrine
Reversed lugar: N/A
disponible: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday (No Holidays)
contacto escolar: No
Item entregado: Bead Ring
Prerequisites: estara disponible el 6 de mayo primero debes comprar en Takoyaki que esta por Port luego compra una Mad Bull en el dormitorio y ya estas listo para hablar con ella
1: habla con ella y entregale los dos items luego juega con ella y tendras el S. link
2: "I'm hungry... Can we go to Wild Duck Burger?"
- "Sure, let's go."
-- "But, why would they get a divorce?"
- "Why don't you ask them?" or "They just fell out of love."
-- > Maiko is sobbing loudly. What will you do?
- > Try to calm her down.
3: "And you are?"
- "I'm Maiko's friend."
-- "Oh! Do you think he'll come home for my birthday?"
- "Dont worry, he'll be there."
4: "They remembered!"
- "I'm happy for you." or "Nobody could forget you."
5: "I don't know what to do..."
- "That's terrible."
-- "I bet they wouldn't care if I wasn't here at all."
- ""That isn't true."
6: "So I made up my mind! I have to run away from home."
- "Calm down."
-- "I'll need lots of snacks right? What about my health insurance card?"
- "You don't need that stuff."
7: "She's never done anything like this before."
- "It's probably your fault." or "C'mon, we can find her."
-- "If you have any idea where she is, I'm begging you to tell us."
- "She's probably at the Takoyaki stand."
8: "What do you feel like eating?"
- "Hamburgers."
-- "I was sad but I listened to what they said... Did I do good?"
- "Yeah, you did good."
-- "But I can't choose that! You decide for me, okay?"
- "Choose your dad."
9: "We'll still be friends though, right?"
- "We're friends forever."

Death - Mysterious Boy (chico misteroso)
persona definitiva: Thantatos
lugar: N/A
Reversed lugar: N/A
disponible: N/A
contacto escolar: N/A
Item entregado: N/A
Prerequisitos: esta en una de las 3 S. Links, que van subiendo de nivel como va corriendo la historia

Temperance - Transfer Student
persona definitiva: Byakko
lugar: Second floor hallway, Near homeroom
Reversed lugar: First floor hallway, Outside home economics room
disponible: Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday
contacto escolar: si
Item entregado: Money Pouch
Prerequisitos: tienes que aumentar la Hierophant, Old Couple, S. Link a nivel 3 para conocer a Bebe. ahora para hablar con el tus academics deben de ser un minimo de nivel 3
1:ve a el salon de Home economics y empezaras la S. link
2: "Zis is my first time going, so will you teach me?"
- "Sure, let's go." or "There's nothing to teach."
-- "I am so 'appy, ureshi! I love ze culture of Nihon! Japan eez sugoi,
- "Yeah, Japan is great."
3: "'MC', you 'ave gotten much better at zis! Subarashi! Wonderful!
- "Not really." or "Thanks."
-- "I would like to make somezing Japanese, but what?"
- "Something traditional?"
4: > Bebe, who'se usually very talkative, is very quiet.
- "Are you alright?"
-- "... was taken away by ze angels."
- "What?!" or "Whaddaya mean?"
5: "Want to go somewhere to eat after zis?"
- "Sure."
-- "... my uncle might never let me return 'ere."
- "Then stay."
6: > Bebe seems confused.
- "Take a break."
-- "Shall we?!"
- "Alright." or "Just a minute."
-- "I want to stay 'ere in Nihon even if I 'ave to eat dirt."
- > Support him.
7: "I will show 'im a Kimono and make 'im appreciate the beauty of Nihon."
- "That's a good idea."
8: "When my uncle sees zis, I know he will agree wiz me about how great Nihon
- "He'll agree for sure."
9: "But because of you, 'MC'-sama, I was able to finish zis Kimono!"
- > Ask about his country.

Sunday/Holiday Responses
*: "Doesn't it 'urt? I aave seen it used as a weapon in some movies..."
- "It doesn't hurt."
*: "'ow about you, 'MC'-sama? Do you like ze sound of ze crickets?"
- "Very much."
*: "I zink zat I miss my 'ome..."
- "Stay in Japan."
*: "'e reminded me of my uncle. I 'ad some bad flashbacks..."
- "Don't worry."
*: "Doesn't anyone play zem anymore?"
- "Yeah, on New Years."
*: "I must finish ze kimono."
- "Just relax."
*: "What eez it made of? It looks like insect eggs..."
- "It's beans."
*: "What do you like to eat wiz rice, 'MC'-sama?"
- "Sushi."
Repair S. Link
*: > What will you do?
- > Talk about fashion.

Devil - Business Man
persona definitiva: Beelzebub
lugar: Port Island Station, Main Area, Pillars by the staircase
Reversed lugar: N/A
disponible: Saturday, Monday, Tuesday
contacto escolar: No
Item entregado: Thank You Letter
Prerequisitos: aumenta tu Hermit S. a un nivel 4 entonces ella te dira algo de un hombre en Port Island Station. The Business Man estara alli pero para captar su atencion tu charm debe de ser de un nivel 4
1: cuando hables con el escoje "Tell me more." y entegale 20,000 Yen bueno regresa el siguiente dia y entregale 10,000 Yen y activaras la S. Link.
2: "Placebo! The stress is on the middle syllable."
- "Placebo."
-- "These are parts of our unique line of products."
- "Wow!" or "Is that legal?"
3: "How about you? Are you interested in stock trading?"
- "Maybe a little."
4: "Have you ever wondered what it would be like to see through people's
bathing suits at the beach?"
- "I sure have!"
5: "... Oh, dear me... I-I just can't concentrate. I get so worked up when I
picture his face."
- "... Who're you talking about?"
-- "... Then, he just stopped coming to work."
- "I feel sorry for him." or "What happened to him?"
-- "It makes me sick just thinking about it... Uhh..."
- "Is it always about money?"
6: "Recently my alumni assocation organized a class reunion."
- "Sounds fun."
7: "... Do you notice anything different about me?"
- "Sort of..."
-- "Which one do you think the supermarket would stock?"
- "The organic one."
8: "He said, 'Thank you'."
- "Oh, really?"
9: "But no matter how attractive she was, I was repulsed by her dedication to
charity work?"
- "Are you going to donate?"

Tower - Unusual Monk
persona definitiva: Chi you
lugar: Club Escapade, Paulownia Mall - solo en las noches
Reversed lugar: N/A
disponible: Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
contacto escolar: No
Item entregado: Reserve Tag
Prerequisitos: oiras de Yuko que en el centro comencial hay un extraño monje esto lo oiras de ella cuando tengas un nivel 4 en su S. link
1: para convencerlo habla con la bantender y debes de pedir las bebidas de las personas del club este es el orden:
"Bloody Mary."
"Oolong Tea."
ahora habla con el para establecer la S. Link

2: "... So, what're you doin here, kid?"
- "None of your business."
-- "You don't have to revere me, but at least show me some respect."
- "I'm sorry, um..."
3: "... How come you're always alone when I see ya? Dont't'cha got any friends,
- "I don't have any friends."
4: "You should cut it. No, better yet, shave it all off.. smooth just like me."
- "Yeah, that might look cool."
5: "High school kids don't have that much money, do they? At least, I never
gave much to my son."
- "I have enough."
-- "Is there anything you want right now?"
- "No."
6: "Ugh... I'm in bad shape."
- "You should go home."
-- "It's times like these I wish I didn't live alone..."
- "What about the others?"
7: "... Hey! There's a microphone over there. Bring it over, kid. I'll perform
a live sutra reading."
- "I don't think you should."
8: "Didn't dad tell you not to do that, ehh?"
- "Dad?"
-- "What the hell were ya doin' this late?"
- "I was with a friend." or "None of your business."
-- "I wonder if they felt the same way I did, as I waited for you earlier."
- "Who'se 'they'?"
-- "... No, when I gome home I don't know what to do with myself, so I just
come here and drink every night."
- "Are you running away?"
9: "I'm working 24/7, as if my temple was a convenience store."
- "Take a break." or "Poor men know no leisure."
-- "I've been drinking too much lately... making a fool of myself, like I did
the other day. *sigh*"
- "Hang in there." or "Time to retire."
-- "Whaddaya think?"
- "What're you talking about?" or "I don't really care."

star- Rival Athlete
persona definitiva: Lucifer
lugar: Iwatodai Station, Strip Mall Section, en una banca cerca de la bookstore
Reversed lugar: N/A
disponible: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday
contacto escolar: si
Item entregado: Car Key
Prerequisitos: Mamoru estara disponibles despues del 3 de agosto debes de tener un nivel de corage en 4
1: habla con el y acepta su reto
2: "... Hey, 'MC'. Can you keep today a secret? That I had ramen, I mean."
- "Yeah, no problem."
-- "By the way, who do you consider your biggest rival."
- "Myself really."
3: "... Think maybe I should buy some for them too?"
- "For your classmates?"
-- "Our apartments pretty small, though, so we have to pack 'em deep. Ha ha."
- "Sounds like fun." or "That must be tough."
4: "Oh man... just a few more."
- "Enjoy your food."
-- "You know what that means? If I do well enough I might get a scholarship
- "Sounds like a good plan."
-- "I bet my mother would be really relieved."
- "Yeah, I bet she would be."
5: " *pant* *pant* ... Sorry I kept you waiting... *gasp*"
- "You're late." or "Are you okay?"
-- "I used to come here with my teammates a lot, but..."
- "Let's come here again."
6: > What would you like to do?
- > Look around for Mamoru. or > Stay and wait a bit longer.
-- > What would you like to do?
- > Kill some time. or > Keep waiting for him.
-- > What would you like to do?
- > Wait just a bit longer. or > Leave.
-- "Sorry man, I don't think I can meet up today."
- "Hey, no problem."
7: "Thanks for coming down here..."
- "I don't mind."
-- "I've got so much I have to do."
- "Yeah, that's tough."
-- "Damn, I wish dad were still alive."
- "Well, do something about it."
-- "... Is it really going to end like this?"
- "Don't give up."
8: "Think I should bring some home?... Wait, I don't have any more money."
- "You should get some more."
-- "... And after all that, it was probably my fault that nobody was focused on
- "Don't worry about it."
9: "So the big meet was yesterday."
- "And you won?"
-- "I got first place of course."
- > Do a victory celebration.
-- "... Make me feel a little empty, ya know?"
- "So what's next for Mamoru?"
-- "Order extra noodles. Go on, it's on me."
- > Thank him for his generosity.

Moon - Gourmet King
persona definitiva: Sandalphon
lugar: Paulownia Mall, On a bench near the fountain
Reversed lugar: N/A
disponible: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday
contacto escolar: Yes
Item entregado: Gourmet License
Prerequisitos: antes de tener esta S. lin debes aumentar la Classmate S. link a un nivel 3 entonces habla con el y estara disponible pero tendras que tener un alto nivel de charm
1: debes de responder correctamente sus preguntas
- "Pheromone Coffee."
- "Green."
- "Hagakure Bowl."
2: "So how 'bout it? You want me as your big brother?"
- "Sure, okay."
3: "So, do you 'Get me'? Who would you say I was...?"
- "You are the Gourmet King!"
4: > Nozomi looks pale.
- "Oh, are you sick?"
5: "Right, 'MC'?"
- "Yeah, that's right."
6: "I don't get it. I felt fine up until a minute ago."
- "Are you feeling sick?"
7: "Hope that wasn't too freaky..."
- "Wiped off the face of...!"
-- "I know it's a good deal. We're having salvation clearance right now."
- "That's ridiculous." or "I'm not paying for that."
8: "I begged so hard for your soul that I think I lost weight."
- "Oh, brother."
9: "Finally, Paradise is smiling upon me."
- "You gonna scam them too." or "Just stop it."

Sun - Dying Young Man
persona definitiva: Asura
lugar: Naganaki Shrine, benches near the playground
Reversed lugar: N/A
disponible: Sundays only
contacto escolar: No
Item entregado: Notebook
Prerequisitos: debes de tener un nivel de la Hanged Man S. Link 3 para que Akinari aparesca los domingos debes de tener un nivel de academics 4
1: una vez que kunomaru se una al equipo habla con el para que te de el Red Fountain el siguiente domingo y habla con el para establecer la S. link

2: "You're... not like the others."
- "... Really."
-- "Dying isn't so unusual, is it? What is there to gain by staying in this
world for a long time, anyway?"
- "That's a good point."
3: "... Why is this only happening to me?"
- "I don't know."
-- "When I'm alone... It feels like it could end at any moment."
- "Try not to talk so much."
4: "... Do you read many books?"
- "Yeah, I like reading."
-- "... Do you read books all the way to the end?"
- "If it's boring, I stop reading."
5: "... I guess my condition won't improve if I keep taking chances."
- > Reprimend Akinari
6: "Hey, how do you feel about a pink alligator?"
- "Hey, that's cool."
-- "But anyway... How does the story sound to you?"
- "It sounds interesting."
7: "... That's as far as I've written. I haven't decided on an ending."
- "It sounds really depressing."
8: > Akinari is having trouble breathing.
- > Stay at his side.
-- "It's not going to fix me anyway, right? ... It just helps for the pain...
and the spasming..."
- "What are you thinking?"
9: "So... I'd like you to congratulate me today. As of today, I'm a free
- "Oh, did you finish the story?"
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